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Letter to Editor: Sample

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Dear Editor:

Investments in Pennsylvania's children are an investment in the future and that is why I encourage the Pennsylvania General Assembly to support the Governor's modest increase to Child Care Works that will enable more working parents to stay working while their children are in safe and supportive child care.

However, the Governor's budget cut $1.2 million dollars from two highly successful programs that target children at risk of education failure Head Start and Pennsylvania Pre-K Counts.

Nearly 75% of children who attended Pre-K Counts in FY 2008-2009 finished the school year with age-appropriate proficiency in literacy, numeracy and social skills.

Research shows that young children who are exposed to high-quality pre-K have greater academic success, experience fewer grade retentions, need less special education remediation and are more likely to graduate from high school. Once they graduate from high school, they are likelier to earn family-sustaining wages, contribute to the tax base and require less welfare involvement than their peers who did not attend pre-K.

Without a doubt pre-K and other early childhood education investments positively impact students, schools and communities in our area as well as across Pennsylvania. We need to restore funding for Head Start and Pre-K Counts. Our future is our children - a solid investment with guaranteed returns.


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Sample #2
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Dear Editor:

Because 90 percent of a child's brain development occurs before age 5, kids at this age are like little sponges - they love to learn!! So helping very young children harness this quest for knowledge is a wonderful thing: We can help our children get off to the right start through high-quality pre-K programs that foster a child's desire to learn.

Pennsylvania Pre-K Counts serves nearly 12,000 3-and-4-year-olds at risk of education failure in high quality preschool programs this school year. Pre-K enhances the social, emotional, and cognitive readiness of tomorrow's students.

But, just 30% of our most vulnerable 3- and 4-year olds have access to high quality pre-K. The Governor's proposed budget would cut two of our most highly successful programs providing high quality pre-K for children at risk of education failure. I am urging our policymakers to restore $1.2 million in funding for Pennsylvania Pre-K Counts and the Head Start Supplemental Assistance program. We know pre-K works. There's landmark research to back it up. It's good for kids, schools and communities. Let's do the right thing.

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